The SS Warning From History


Writer: Guido Knopp

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The best known but least understood organ of the Nazi state, the SS grew from a minor politician’s small, unpaid bodyguard into a force which dominated the racial, cultural and professional spheres of the most powerful empire Europe has ever seen. Often referred to as “the state within a state,” the SS was Heinrich Himmler’s personal fiefdom and its influence pervaded all walks of German life, both private and public. Its tentacles extended into the army and police, the business world and of course the death camps. Author Guido Knopp reveals Himmler to be a man despised but indulged by Hitler who was obsessed with crackpot theories of Germanic mythology and deeply involved in the Final Solution. He assesses the career of Reinhard Heydrich, who put the organizational muscle and ruthlessness into the SS. The Totenkopf Brigade, set up specifically to run the concentration camps and death camps, is examined, as is the Waffen-SS, the military formation which killed thousands of Jews and partisans across Eastern Europe and fought bitterly against the Allies in Normandy. Also outlined is the postwar story of the SS.  Buy Now

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