Pakistan Unique Origins; Unique Destiny?

Writer: Javed Jabbar

Rs. 325

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A remarkable book that helps Pakistanis and non Pakistanis alike to re-discover Pakistan. To better understand a unique nation-state destined to play a significant role in world affairs in the 21st century. In a period in which Pakistan-bashing is a favorite pastime – and Pakistan also appears busy bashing itself! – this book makes a powerful case in favor of a nation-state coming to terms with its unique origins in an inevitably tumultuous , volatile way. The country is largely misunderstoof and misrepresented in media & academia as an already ‘failed state’ headed for worse. Yet the real Pakistan’s portrait in this candid, no holds barred, balanced book emerges as a distinct, pluralist, vibrant society. Here is a nation pulsating with creativity and energy, determined to become a stable, secure, successful nation-State which contributes to global peace, culture and harmony in the 21st century. Written in relatively short chapters & sections with a special intent to reach out to young people as well as the general reader rather than as a detailed academic treatise, this book is nevertheless an extensively researched work:imaginatively planned, designed and presented for easy reading.

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