A Cup of Comfort: Big Book of Prayer

Writer: Susan B. Townsend

Rs. 950

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Prayer is the refuge of the faithful. In this colossal volume, faithful readers find the prayers that bring them closer to God?and the ordinary people who?ve experienced the extraordinary power of those prayers. Whether inspired by the poetic wisdom of the Psalms, the lyrical conviction of a classic hymn, or the wry devotion of an Irish blessing, these real-life stories of answered prayers will encourage readers to renew their faith and trust in the Lord?during good times and bad. It?s not always easy to keep faith alive in today?s world. In this collection, readers receive the timeless inspiration they need to cope with the joys and sorrows of modern life. Featuring hundreds of moving prayers, stories, and med

itations, this beautifully packaged volume is all readers need to strengthen their personal relationship with God, day in and day out?one prayer at a time. Buy Now

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