The Idea of History Through Ages

Writer: Tahir Kamran

Rs. 495

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The study of history has quite recently become an interesting feature of our intellectual and academic life and understand the social and political realities of contemporary phenomenon. These studies have, indeed, added to the general circumstances of our social and political history. Nevertheless, the studies though they have an academic interest, their value shown in questioning the conditions which govern history and raised questions about history, and once again and quite naturally the intelligent readers of historical accounts have come to face the basic questions about history as a branch of human knowledge and about its nature, functions and also about its object in the life of men and women.

In this book, which is first of its kind in our educational surroundings, Tahir Kamran has tried to bring together the necessary details about history in one volume and has quite successfully covered a wide area of information about his topic. He has provided a fuller view of the tradition in its distinctive features of the tradition as it has evolved over the long period of time.  Buy Now

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