Statistics For Economics And Accounting And Business Studies

Writer: Michael Barrow

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‘Throughout, interest is maintained through the generous use of examples relevant to economics and business, and a reasonable number of examples (with solutions) are included.’The Economic JournalStatistics for Economics, Accounting and Business Studies, now in a fully revised second edition, presents an exceptionally clear introduction to statistical methods for students of economics, business and accounting. The text covers the two main areas of statistics: Descriptive Statistics (graphs, averages, measures of dispersion, index numbers and measures of inequality) and Inferential Statistics, ( probability distributions, estimation, hypotheses testing and regression analysis, including multiple regression). All the relevant statistical concepts are presented in a straightforward and student-friendly style. Using actual data to illustrate the text, the book shows how real-life problems can be solved using statistical techniques and explains why particular techniques are used. Throughout the text key issues are highlighted and many common statistical traps and mistakes are revealed and explained. Buy Now

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