Discovering The World Of English Grammar & Composition

Publisher: Jahangir’s World Times Publications

Rs. 850

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The book includes modern English comprehension and grammar structure invoking innovation with examples in a simple and lucid style.’ The latest edition is unique as it explains basics of grammar and comprehension in an easy to read and digestible form. This book is intended to provide the students and those appearing in the CSS, PMS and competitive examinations with the necessary material for a course of training in writing in English. Its chapters are devised by keeping in view the needs of competitive exams. The grammar portion thoroughly deals with the parts of speech, tenses, direct and indirect and active voice with exhaustive exercises. Its vocabulary portion induces several devices to improve a student’s vocabulary; pair of words, one-word substitution, synonyms, antonyms and other techniques are frequently employed to unravel the niceties and intricacies of intellectual exercises. A comprehensive effort has been made to present the material in logical order. Letters, essays, amplifications, short pieces of composition and correspondence techniques are introduced in a highly effective manner. Buy Now

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