Thora Sa Aasman


Writer: Umaira Ahmed Price Rs. 800

Writer: Umaira Ahmed

Price Rs. 800

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The novel is about money, values, relationships, status and most important the lust of human being which never breaks down. In Thora Sa Aasman writer grabs the situations that we as human has become vultures who just eat dead and Haram just for lust. The Main Characters in Thora Sa Aasman are Haroon kamal, Mansoor Ahmed, Ambar, Sibga, Shaheer and other too. Haroon Kamal was a business tycoon who married to his cousin but both families were different and due to this they got court marriage. The saddest thing which mention in this novel is for just status and fake respect we forgot that we are human beings and become dead eater vultures. We think that relationship of man and woman freely acceptable by the society but it is true that we are not in such modern era to have these kinds of relationships and relations without marriages. The tragic situation is that the results of these relationships called” Na Jaiez Olad” that is totally wrong and then just for save the fake status these kids send to the orphan house or to the dustbins. In Thora Sa Aasman, Umera Ahmed try to make people aware that how much we are stuck in this swamp. Buy Now

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