Writer: Zahid Ashraf Price Rs.225

Writer: Zahid Ashraf

Price Rs.225

Change is inevitable and the sooner one adapts to it, the better it is for learning and improvement. After a very long time, finally the FPSC has come out of hibernation to revise the scheme of syllabi for CSS examination; Pakistan’s most prestigious competitive exam. This is a welcome change as it can be expected that now the truly talented people will enter into the Civil Service of Pakistan which is undoubtedly the most cherished dream for every young student.

In the previous exam pattern, the précis contained 25 marks but now it will contain only 20 marks with 15 for précising the text and 5 for suggesting a suitable title. As the précis has been an integral part of the syllabus of Composition paper, it will be quite easy for the students to master this skill in a short time.Buy Now

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