Writer:Megha Batra Price Paperback:Rs.500

Writer:Megha Batra


Price Paperback:Rs.500


Inspiring Speeches by Great Personalities is a unique compilation of inspirational speeches by some of the eminent scholars from all across the world. The book contains some of the most motivating, influential and soul-stirring speeches by forty great personalities from politics, music, literature, sports, philosophy, education, etc. Speeches in the book, ranging from the speech of Queen Elizabeth I from 16th century to the speech of Michael Jackson from 21st century, have been compiled keeping in mind the diverse tastes of diverse readers. Succinctly, the book is a panorama of inspiring speeches by great personalities.Buy Now

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  1. Arham Faiz Asif says:

    I av read this book. It is awesome !! You guys have a very good collection. Very good Team Kutab

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